Examination & Evaluations

The Central Board of Secondary Education has introduced the scheme of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation in its schools in a phased manner. CCE refers to a system of school based evaluation of student that covers all aspects of student development. It is a developmental process of student which emphasizes on two fold objectives.
The term Continuous is meant of emphasize that evaluation of identified aspects of students growth and development is a continuous process rather than an event, built into the total teaching learning process and spread over the entire span of academic session.
The second term Comprehensive means that the scheme attempts to cover both the scholastic and co-scholastic aspects of the student growth and development.
Continuous evaluation helps in bringing awareness of the achievement to the child, teachers and parents from time to time. The major emphasis of CCE is on the continuous growth of students ensuring their intellectual, emotional, physical, cultural and social development and therefore it will not be merely limited to assessment of learner’s scholastic attainments.
In each academic year the school will be hold the following examinations according to the following categories.

*CATEGORY 1 – (Class I to V)

Marks will be converted into Grades on the basis of Evaluation I, Evaluation II & Evaluation III in various subjects.
English & Hindi –
Reading Skills – Pronunciation, Fluency, Comprehensions
Writing Skills – Creating Writing, Hand Writing, Grammar, Spelling, Vocabulary
Speaking Skills – Conversation, Recitation
Listening Skills – Comprehensions.
Mathematics –
Aspects – Concept, Activity, Tables, Mental Ability, Written Work.
Environmental Science –
Evs – Environmental Sensibility, Activity, Group Discussion, Written Work.
Computer –
Aspects – Skill, Aptitude.
Personality Development –
Courteousness, Confidence, Care of belonging, Neatness, Regularity and Punctuality, Initiative, Sharing and Caring, Respect for Other’s Property, Self-Control.
Co-Curricular Activities –
Game – Enthusiasm, Discipline, Team Spirit, Talent
Art/Craft – Interest, Creativity, Skill
Music/Dance – Interest, Rhythm, Melody.

*CATEGORY 2 – (Class VI to X)

Marks will be converted into Grades. A session is divided into two terms.
1st Term:
Formative Assessments First & Second based on activities and written exams.
Summative Assessment First based on written examination.
2nd Term:
Formative Assessments Third & Fourth based on activities and written exams.
Summative Assessment Second based on written examination.

It is a tool used by the teacher to continuously monitor student progress in supportive environment. It involves regular descriptive feedback, a chance for the student to reflect on the performance, take advice and improve upon it. It provides effective feed back to students and teachers for remedial interventions resulting in enhanced learning and attainment. Some examples in formative assessment include assignments, projects, oral quizzes, speeches, group discussion etc.

It is carried out at the end of a course of learning. It measures or ‘sums-up’ how much a student has learned from the course. It indicates and measured how much a student has learnt. It is a pencil paper test used for certificate purpose.
The nine point grading scale for measuring Scholastic achievements.

Marks Range Grade Grade Points
91 – 100 A 1 10.0
81 – 90 A 2 9.0
71 – 80 B 1 8.0
61 – 70 B 2 7.0
51 – 60 C 1 6.0
41 – 50 C 2 5.0
33 – 40 D 4.0
21 – 32 E 1 0.0
00 – 20 E 2 0.0
Rule 1- All assessment with regard to the academic status of the student shall be done in marks and overall assessment will be given in grades.
Rule 2 – A student has to acquire minimum ‘D’ grade to get promotion to the next class.
Rule 3 – For using unfair means in the test/examination, no grade will be awarded in that paper and he/she may also be debarred from appearing in the rest of the examination.
Rule 4 – A medical certificate must be submitted in case of illness.
Rule 5 – A student who is short of attendance (below 80%) will not be allowed to appear in Summative-2 examination.
Rule 6 – Report card of weak students will be retained in the office of the Principal. Parents are requested to come and discuss with the Principal on the specified time.