From the Manager’s desk

Mrs.Subhash Chand Prasad
The primary purpose of education is the manifestation of perfection already in man.
-- Swami Vivekanand
Divine Public School at Mohanapur in Gorakhpur began its journey in the year 2010. We have since been growing driven by ‘perseverance, fortitude and hope’. Spiritually and materially, the journey thus far has been an enriching one.

With CBSE as the torchbearer, we endeavour to transform pupils into humans who are sound academically, physically and spiritually.

The philosophy of the School is to enrich the nation with citizens who are perfect to keep pace with the fast-changing world and, at the same time, are committed to the service of God, and are dedicated to their duty. We endeavour to foster an ambience where each child realizes its potential. Here is hoping we move ahead with our mission to develop assets to the nation. May the Providence shower upon us the wisdom and capability to carry out the holy mission!

We must shake lethargy off. We must shake ourselves and divert our all attention and resources for the better guardianship to be rendered to our children for the upliftment of society, nation and civilization.

I wish the pupils a very bright and happy life full of achievements and gratification.

Mr.Subhash Chand Prasad
Divine Public School