The School Crest

The School crest is a heart- shaped shield with an inspiring motto inscribed “Perseverance Fortitude Hope”. Perseverance means the quality of continuing to try to achieve a particular aim despite difficulties. Fortitude means the courage shown by an individual, who is suffering from great pain or is facing great difficulties, and Hope to find that one wants to happen and thinks that it is possible. The motto clearly exhibits the earnest desire of the School is to teach children who are in difficulties and make them perfect in education and empower a personality that is capable of contributing to transform the society and thus the world.

As the sun brightens the whole universe and brings everything to the visibility of all, the bright sun in the school crest symbolizes God, who is true light, supreme wisdom and perfect knowledge, who illuminates our heart and mind, and enables us to see everything in the right perspective as the darkness in the universe is dispelled by the light of the sun, the ignorance in the world will be wiped away by the wisdom of god. ‘The Rays emanating from the bright sun are the grace and blessings of God embracing the whole creation irrespective of caste, creed and race. The book in the emblem represents the Holy Scriptures of all religions in the world which contain the inspirations from God-the revelation of God’s wisdom and knowledge. ‘The Open Book’ is to mean that the world of God is easily accessible to all sincere seekers of supreme wisdom and perfect knowledge. “The Diya” signifies the human response to God’s creative plan ,for God’s creative and redemptive works are incomplete without human beings ‘ participation. We have to go hand in hand with God to fight the social evils (darkness) prevailing in the society as the result of ignorance. ‘The Veena’ is the instrument of Devi Sarswati ,goddess of education, so we all have to become an instrument of God. The ‘Sea’ signifies the educated human behavior to become as the sea’s endless width, so we have to span our education as deep and endless as the sea.

The educational institutions in this sense become an expression of human response to God’s call to transform the world.

At all, the logo signifies that Divine Public School makes it sure that its solid foundation be on the supreme wisdom and perfect knowledge of God as revealed in the Holy Scriptures of all the religious of the world.